Why You Should Buy An Invisible Marked Card

Why You Should Buy An Invisible Marked Card

There are two types of marked cards, mainly the visible marked cards and the invisible marked cards. Visible marked cards are defined, are marked cards that have physical identifications and distinctions of a marked card that are very subtle and can only be identified by the trained eye and the person that knows where the marks are. Invisible marked cards are marked ards that have identifications that aren’t visible to the naked eye like invisible ink, UV invisible ink, and so on.

There is an emphasis on invisible marked cards because it’s very subtle, you can’t just easily see it even with a trained eye because the spectrum where these invisible marked cards are seen are not found in the physiology of the eye. And it will require special tools or equipment in order for one to see its glory. If you are interested in buying marked cards, below you will find a few reasons why you should buy an invisible marked card.

If you are a card player: If you are a card player, you can take advantage of this type of card because it’s subtle. Even if people will suspect that it’s a marked card, other players won’t really be able to identify if it’s a marked card indeed because they don’t have the means to see it. Unless they have the same tools that you have like specialized UV invisible ink contact lenses.

uv contact lenses for marked playing cards

If you have a casino: If you have a casino surely you know the existence of these cards. Usually, casinos buy these cards for tracking purposes in an attempt to help identify cheaters during a card game. This will also help those who are switching cards during the game. This will also help analyze game data that can be used for studies in the future to maximize the gaming potential and profits of a casino in the future.

If you are a magician: If you are a magician this can also be considered since invisible cards are invisible to the naked eye. This is something that a magician can take advantage of and there are already specialized glasses or contact lenses that can help make it very effective.

Both visible and invisible marked cards have both pros and cons. What you should know is that both cards are pretty effective on their own. But there’s a good reason why you should buy an invisible marked card and that is the capability of its marked not to be seen by the naked eye. Versus a visible marked card, this is the most flexible because it can be used in various applications including the casinos themselves for tracking and for data gathering.

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