The History Of Online Slots

The History Of Online Slots

Slot machines are as old as gaming itself, and the history of slots dates back all the way to 1887. In that year, a man named Charles Fey invented the original slot machine. This new type of gambling device was powered by what is known as a “reel” instead of live poker cards.

This was a huge change from the games people had previously been playing. It was no longer dependent on chance alone, but also skill. With this new concept, suddenly slot machines were wildly popular in a way that poker could never be.

Coin Machines

The slot machine was the game that people played first. That is not to say that they didn’t play other games before then, but it might not have been the first. The machine evolved a lot in the decade following its creation, and by the early 1900s slots were popular enough to warrant their own separate venue.

The vast majority of machines you see today are coin-operated (or rather “coin-fed”, as you would hear them called in older days). These machines make money for the casino or bar they’re in through little coin slots. People put coins into these slots, and they get to pull a lever or press a button to see what prizes they might win.

Slot Clubs

Player’s clubs are largely a thing of the past when it comes to slot online. Once upon a time, casinos serious enough about slots would have their own slot clubs that players could join. The membership cards were oftentimes worth something in and of themselves, having some kind of system where you could redeem points for cash at places like grocery stores, hotels or even salons.

These clubs were usually exclusive and only available to those who knew how to play slots, but even then it wasn’t that long ago that you could find places like Caesars Palace or the The Evolution of Slots

For over a century now, slots have been changing, both in form and function. The evolution of slots has only been happening for about a century, but so far the most successful slot machines have been able to evolve along with current technology. This means that almost every time there is a major change in technology or casino types in Las Vegas, you will see new slot ideas being introduced.

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