The Difference between Good-quality and Normal Marked Cards

The Difference between Good-quality and Normal Marked Cards

In the past, people used an invisible ink pen to mark playing cards. Nowadays, people often browse more marked playing cards. In about half an hour, the marks written on the back of the playing cards would vanish automatically and steadily. It’s easy to do, but the traces are easy to show, too. It is not a numbered card of high quality.

After the marked card printer has been released, this defect is enhanced. The printer of marked cards will print invisible ink marks perfectly 30 cards at a time on the playing cards’ back. The markings are reliable and straightforward, and it’s possible to use the marked poker cards for a long time.

Various invisible inks have multiple effects. From the image below, under the same infrared sunglasses, you can see that one of the invisible ink marks is brighter. And you can also see that the red playing card marks are more substantial than the blue card marks. Three kinds of marked playing cards are available: standard quality, good quality, and professional quality. Invisible ink contact lenses can read the first two types of marked cards, while the camera for infrared poker cards can see marked poker cards of professional quality. So it is also called a numbered one-to-one card.

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What Are Good Quality Marked Cards?

Marked decks have a long track record. Practices were explicit and crude at the beginning of card labeling, sometimes downright stupid. For instance, by bending the cards or inserting noticeable marks on the back with a needle or nails, players can create a marked deck. From the end of the card template, they can also add or delete lines and patterns. Making a marked deck in these ways is far from sensible. Why risk it when you can buy cards colored with invisible ink to cheat in your next big poker game?

Not many individuals on poker cheat cards will note such a slight shift in the color or pattern-even a cheater will not easily spot such markings at first. But these kinds of numbered cards are easy to spot if you look at them from a short distance. Another fatal flaw is that close-up reading of them is essential. When luminous ink and juice ink appeared on the scene to make invisible marks, poker cheat cards’ development proved to be a real breakthrough.

Fortunately, dedicated manufacturers of numbered card decks are there, so you don’t need to do it yourself. The Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck, for sale below, is the most popular of these. To show the values of each card, you will find that its pattern is a little distinct. The marked poker card maker, not the card cheater, allows these variations, called the Ultimate Marked Deck.

Winning has just gotten a lot easier for you with a comprehensive marked card deck collection for sale! You can easily mark any of their numbered card decks with invisible ink to detect the markings on the poker cheat cards using one of their exceptional cheating devices.

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