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Make glitter words and create your own glitter letters for free with the Glitter Words Generator on

With the Glitter Words Maker you can create your own glitterwords free of charge.
You can select the glittering text, the font, shadow, font size as well as the glitter of your glitter letters yourself.

After making the glitter words you may free of charge hot link this directly.
But attention: The hot linking of the glitter letters of is only then free of charge and permitted if the below generated original code (COPY HTML CODE) isn't changed at the installation and therefore the link on isn't removed.
Otherwise you can save locally the created glitterwords of course if you would like to install it on other sites but the link on disturbs you.
Somebody should nevertheless hot link a glitter letter and removing the link on The respective site and wider sites of the respective webmaster are excluded from the glitter words hot linking for lifetime. Even if, afterward, the link should be installed again.

And now have a lot of fun with the Glitter Words Generator:


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